Community outreach

Our core values have guided the Community Outreach program, targeted at providing high quality fitness and healthcare services to special needs population to help them overcome their challenges and lead a healthy and satisfying life.

Special Fit’s Community Outreach programs

provide special opportunities beyond the walls of Hospital buildings & Fitness centers to reach out to the special population community that are in immediate need of access to services and expert advice to keep themselves fit or regain their peak strength.

Being a part of the special population requires you to lead a very healthy & careful lifestyle and take wise decisions on how to maintain peak fitness, have consonance with your body, recover from a persistent ailment or seek crucial medical advice, treatment or assistance from an expert medical practitioner or fitness expert.

In order to make better and more informed choices to maintain a healthy standard of living or keep a serious health issue at bay, you need more than the usual local pharmacist and your instincts to relieve you of your ailments. This is why Special Fit has devised a distinctive program, tailored to help you overcome the hurdles that prevent you from achieving your potential. Special Fit, has collaborated with distinguished Medical experts, Therapists, Beauty professionals, Personal Fitness Trainers to create a Community Outreach program that offers a goal based resolution and assistance to the Special population community.

If you're part of the special populations or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle you should know who your health and wellness professional are. Let it be a medical doctor, a physical therapist, chiropractor, dentist or a wellness company these professional can help educate you to a better lifestyle or help you with the necessities of everyday life. From blood pressure screenings , checking of heart rate, awareness of daily health activities such as how often do I brush my teeth, learn from your local professionals how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Special Fit’s community outreach program establishes a ‘level-playing field’ (bringing a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to your local community) and reaches out to you in your community, at your door to help you improve your way of living and contribute to your self confidence to empower you to win your struggles with disorders or a special condition.

The program is specifically developed and facilitated by the distinguished physicians, fitness and health professionals of Special Fit. We also work closely with leading health organizations and with an enthusiastic pool of volunteers who are wholeheartedly committed to a noble cause.

A diverse community program offers the opportunity to serve our friends by conducting focus groups & interviews, health & fitness examination camps and cater local awareness campaigns to meet the unfulfilled requisites of the community.

Our community outreach workers pledge to preserve and nourish the interests of their clients in harmonious collaboration with Medical & Fitness experts. Special Fit provides untethered access to medical services that are tendered to people overcoming stiff challenges to the community like economic issues, medical ailments, lack of standard medical amenities and services, etc.

The outcome from our dedicated efforts are really astounding and inspirational. Our doctors, fitness experts, staff and volunteers profoundly affect the lives and wellbeing of the group we serve. We encourage community residents to avail medical services and advice, thereby promoting a healthy way of living & enhancing the standards of life.

There are pockets of brilliance in your community and you need to tap into their knowledge to help improve and maintain a better lifestyle. Let knowledgeable people guide & advise you on how to improve recovery post surgical procedures or how to fit in better within the community with the expertise of trained and certified people with the knowledge to help you with daily activities & teach you the ABC's of a better lifestyle.